Our Kickstarter Campaign has Begun


Want a fun, quick zombie cooperative game that you can use as a fast paced filler during a board game night, or could be a game to play with the kids or non-gamers? The comic book style art is dramatic but not gory.  The cards are larger than standard, and this tarot size make the game easy to play.  

The game is simple, yet action packed.

The players are a team that must work together to survive.  Each player takes a turn being the group's leader by playing a card to to indicate the groups' action for the day.  The group may get provisions, or battle, skirmish, evade, flee or backtrack from zombies. They could also have a recovery day or resting or healing.  

The group will have zombie fights as the deck contains too many of battle and skirmish cards for the group to avoid fighting.  After a fight, the group can hopefully play sufficient recovery days (rest and heal) before high activity day such as fighting, fleeing or backtracking.  Battles require both resting and healing. Skirmishes have easier recovery requirements.

The players can not show each other their cards. If they live at least a week, one card from each player can be displayed to the group.  

If the group has an high activity day before sufficient recovery, they all die.  If they fail to get provisions at least once each week, they also all die.  However, if the group can live 3 weeks and then has 5 fully recovered fight-free days they are able to complete a path to safety.  The "end" card can be played at the end of the path.  The group will be rescued, all will live and the game is won.

 Winning isn't too easy. Up for the challenge and want to want to give it a try? Support the kickstarter campaign so that we can get the game printed and get you a copy of the game.