Traveling with Zombie Fight or Flight

Outside of all all my zombie related projects (including Zombie Fight or Flight, Kickstarting Halloween 2016), I've been on the road again this week.  With meetings in Spokane, Kent, Portland and then Kirkland-  so I've spent just two nights in Seattle before returning to Anderson Island to ride out the "storm of the century

Monday night was tougher that it needed to be, as I was too stubborn to pay for valet parking in Spokane, so spent too much time looking for a metered street spot.  I was too brain dead that evening to notice that I had parked in front of Merlyn's of Spokane.  As I rushed to my meeting early the next morning, I realized how close I had been and wished I could have dropped by.  

I had a night at home in Seattle, before a road trip down to Portland.  Was able to go out with friends Wednesday night, and by candlelight at a downtown dive bar, I could show them the game.

Thursday evening, I was still in Portland and did some shopping in my sister's neighborhood.  We made it to the Portland Game Store for some shopping and a quick visit before I had to hit the road for a long and rainy drive.  I hope to return to Portland soon, with enough time for more game demos.  

It was a good week, and a nice to find opportunities to share the game and pass out some buttons.  But driving through storms is exhausting, so it is nice to be home.