KCBA noon brownbag- 5/11/17 - Multi-party Restorative Facilitation

 Please note:  CLE will be streamed, but due to the hands-on nature of the presentation you may find it more satisfying to attend in person.

Presentation:  ‘Multi-Party Restorative Facilitation’, by Sue Miglino, Dispute Resolution Center of Kitsap County

Learn about a unique process that combines qualities of Restorative Circle work and the creation of questions that allow each participant to:  recognize their role in the development and progression of their conflict; how to best have their own needs met, and how to meet the needs of others in the group.

·Build social capital and achieve social discipline through participatory learning and decision-making

oUnderstand nine effects of restorative practices, compass of shame, and types of restorative practices and how to apply these processes to such areas as family law and labor & employment law.

oExperience firsthand a sample of how a restorative practice circle works