KCBA ADR- 1/12/17 Brownbag, Role of ADR in Polarized Society

King County Bar Association 1200 Fifth Avenue - Suite 700 Seattle, WA

ThursdayJanuary 122017 12:00 PM to 1:30 PM

Panelists: Selden Prentice, Sasha S. Philip, Jim Rudd Levy and Andrew Kidde.  Moderator:  Donna Lurie.


·        How do ADR providers address the ideological split in our country? 

·        How do we respond to inflammatory comments? 

·        As neutrals, do we give up our ability to promote social justice? 

·        If we promote social justice and challenge bigotry, do we compromise our neutrality?

·        What ADR strategies and tools would be useful in deescalating the political rhetoric?