Calling All Lawyers and Mediators-- Zombies are Coming-- Please Help

Zombie talk is everywhere.   The CDC has issued Zombie Preparation information.   On Monday, The Continuing Legal Education Society of British Columbia will have a continuing education court for attorneys on Negotiation Skill for the Zombie Apocalypse.

How can conflict resolution practitioners get into the zombie action?  PignPotato Games, a group formed out of a game jam for mediators, currently has a Kickstarter campaign for Zombie Fight or Flight, a collaborative card game where players work together to survive.  Zombie Fight or Flight is an engaging, fast paced game, with non-gory, just the right bit of scary, zombie art.  

Like Bruce Wayne/Batman, it has an alter ego. It is a really fun collaborative game that is easy to learn. It is also an innovative and creative training tool for conflict resolution practitioners who want a new way to encourage cooperation.  

Dispute resolution teaching packs are available containing material on how to use the games in a training.  The prototypes are already being used in training in US (Seattle on Nov 10- Space is still available) and Canada (Nov 21 in Vancouver BC- Space is also still available), (PignPotato's events page has a complete list of training and gaming opportunities throughout the Pacific Northwest)

We need help-  Zombie Flight or Flight is designed to be a innovative and nonconventional tool in a mediator/ conflict resolution professional's toolbox.  To make it a really great tool/game, we hired an amazing artist and are printing the decks in large batches to lower the price point. We will use nice large tarot size cards to make it an awesome table top game with quality cards, not like a training exercise printed out on regular paper.  We need funding to print the cards, so we are using kickstarter

We really need help. To make this a real thing to share with the dispute resolution world, we need to make our kickstarter goal.  Kickstarter is really competitive right now. If you order Bears vs. Babies, the runaway crowdfunded hit that we are up against and we agree looks awesome, please please support us too. 

Lawyers and dispute resolution folks are a tiny segment of the typical crowdfunding market. The typical gamer kickstart funder does not have a vested interest in bringing an innovative conflict resolution tool to market.  We need your help getting the word out to mediators, facilitators, ombuds, conflict coaches and teacher, law professors, students, attorneys, the whole world of dispute resolution.  We know there are lots of people in the legal world who like"geeky" things like zombies and tabletop game games.  We really need help getting the word to them.  

Pease help us spread the word  Please tell your dispute resolution friends and contacts.  Please tell you gamer friends and contacts. Please help us tell anyone who might like this game.  (Know someone who would want instructions in French, we have that covered?)  We really need help from the legal and dispute resolution world to make our goal.  

We are not professional game designers, we are lawyers, mediators and college students trying to figure out how to make this project fly.  We think bringing a little zombie fun into the world will help people cooperate more. Dispute resolution is when everyone can win. Getting to the end of the campaign with enough funds will be tough, please considering helping.