Sorting things out

On Oct. 20, the King County Bar Association's Section of Dispute Resolution had its annual Mediation Week celebration.  During this event, we dug into the concepts of alternative dispute resolution and mediation.  We realized that as conflict resolution professionals, we really are in the business of sorting things out.  We help attorneys and their clients, or unrepresented parties, have the some of the communication they need to make decisions and to solve problems.  Not every issue needs or should have the investment of resources that litigation brings, some problems need early and expert assistance to sort out the matter in an efficient and informal way.  Mediators bring those skills to the table, and there are many tables that could use this sort of help. 

To help parties and attorneys connect with mediators, KCBA is launching has an ADR panel as part of its Lawyer Referral Program.  This pilot project will have the ability to assist the legal community in King County, and we are very excited to announce the program's launch.