Liberating Structure: Troika

After attending a Liberating Structures training last most, I brought an idea back to work this week and introduced the idea to my fellow training team members. We used to have a portion that of our meetings devoted to talking about issues we we are experiencing in our case load. In the last few years we moved away from this agenda item, to keep the meetings shorter.  The troika structure seemed like a good idea, as we could talked get ideas about challenges we are facing in our cases in a structured and liberating way.  

And so after briefest of intros (5 minutes) we jumped into groups of three and I started my stop watch. One person told the other two about a challenge they were having (1 minute) then turned their back as the other two, acting as consultants discussed ideas that they might suggest (5) minutes, followed by the first person turning back around and thanking the two consulted and being able to quickly reflect on the consultant's conversation (1 minute). Then the same this happens two more time. This meant that all three participants would have one time in the advisee seat and two times as consultant.

In all it was a lot in 20 minutes and a challenge for me to work the stopwatch and participate. Also as it was a first attempt, not all participants had a training challenge ready.

I think the structure added a good energy to our meeting on a topic than often runs stale. We are not sure how to apply this in a mediation, but was nice as an internal meeting tool. The real test will be if the group is interested in trying in at future meetings.