Game Day Inspiration

Today was a Seahawks game. They had already lost three games this season.  To inspire the fan base at my home, I went shopping for a dog jersey. As I shopped, I listened to Casey Gerald's Purpose is the New Bottom Line episode of Creative Mornings podcast. It was the inspiration I needed to move this website online.  I've been thinking a lot lately about the future of the legal profession.  Open records + Big data + Online Dispute Resolution + ? = I don't know what, but I believe that big waves of disruption are coming.

Our legal system can no longer treat traditional courtroom litigation as the default method of dispute resolution.  Our economy, environment, and families need faster faster resolutions.  We need innovation in our judicial and administrative tribunals.   This could also lead to greater access to justice.  As current systems change, and we need new ways to chart our futures. Negotiation and mediation are often the most appropriate method of resolving disputes.  These skills will become even more critical to lawyers and other problem solvers.

In my day job, I worked as a full-time neutral.  I mediate, arbitrate, adjudicate, facilitate, and train parties who are in the midst of conflicts.  I've been doing this work almost twelve years.  The best part about becoming older is that havinga "box of tools" that I've developed through experience.  I'm interesting in sharing my tools with you, the next generation of lawyers and problem solvers. And, working with you to build new tools.