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5. New Forms of Conversations

By participating in Emerald City Comic Con, Pig and Potato Games found a new venue for talking about dispute resolution. This engagement lead to an appearance at Ignite Seattle, a public speaking event where participants give a short 5 minute lightning talk about topics they are passionate about. 

Other lightning talk forums include Darwin Talks which is a legal tech event held around North America. In September 2017, Pig and Potato's Amanda Semenoff spoke at the Vancouver's Darwin Talk about conflict resolution issues that arise in tech start ups. 

CoRe Clinic has also hosted a lightning talk program, when they held a Speed Geeking program in September 2017. Their next installment of Speed Geeking on Conflict Resolution will be June 4, 2018. KCBA ADR will also be hosting a lightning talk program in November 2018, as it hosts a Mediator Open Mic Night for Mediation Week 2018. 

Podcasting is another new format for conversations. Co-host C.D. Saint and  Amanda Semenoff began Overthinking Conflict in June 2016, a podcast focused on dispute resolution.

Another new form is micro-learning videos, such as the one published by the Washington State Public Employment Relations Commission on What is Mediation.  This video was made with a $50 podcasting microphone (a Blue snowball) and the free software that come with an Apple computer (iMovie and GarageBand). The subtitling was done through a web based platform (Amara

Infographics are another new way to communicate. For example, an infographic depicting Alan Alhadeff and John Mitchell’s Five Question Method was incorporated into KCBA’s ADR Referral Program’s February CLE. 

Finally, local meet ups can be a great venue for learning new skills and having informal conversations about dispute resolution. Seattle Legal Tech and Design Thinking Innovation Collective are both great examples of meet ups that provide information that can be useful to conflict resolution professionals, and also create opportunities to network.