1. Creatively Collaborate

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One key to many of these mediaotor collaborations is the inclination of mediators involved  to self-identify as creative professionals  Creativity is part of the mediator’s toolbox. Mediators typically use it to helps parties find better ways to communicate, solve problems, and reach agreements. However, mediators can also employ creativity in conversations both inside the conflict resolution community and as outreach to those who might want to use conflict resolution services.

Some conflict resolution professionals have fostered creative collaboration by incorporating personal interests into their conflict resolution projects. For example, Sharon Sutherland’s personal interest in collaborative tabletop games started the path which resulted in a group of mediators creating a card game. Emily Martin’s personal interest in photography was incorporated into King County Bar Association’s Section of Alternative Dispute Resolution’s (@KCBAADR) twitter feed and Mediate BC’s Conflict Resolution Week’s LICRSH social media scavenger hunt.